Awards Went To Local Cinema At If Istanbul

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Awards Went To Local Cinema At If Istanbul

If Istanbul’s 2022 awards have been announced! While the jury of the Discovery International Competition, which was held for the ninth time this year, shared the award between Ali Kemal Çınar for the movie “Veşartî/Hidden” from Turkey and Bi Gan, the director of “Kaili Blues” from China, the SİYAD Award was also given to Ali Kemal Çınar. given.

Ali Kemal Cinar

While the winner of the Love and Another World Contest was selected for the Italian production “Lost And Beautiful”, the Special Jury Prize went to the Turkish film “Bağlar” by Berke Baş and Melis Birder. Shorts from Turkey Audience Award was in favor of “Azad” directed by Yakup Tekintangaç!

Love & Another World

     Organized in partnership with İşbank Maximum Kart, the 15th !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival came to an end with the award ceremony held in Sumahan last night. In the night hosted by Nergis Öztürk, Discovery Competition Awards, Aşk & Başka Bi’ Dünya and Shorts from Turkey Audience Awards found their owners. Discovery Award This year, the USA, Germany, Belgium, China, Ethiopia. A total of 9 films from France, Finland, England, Iran, Spain and Turkey were in front of the jury for the Discovery Award with a cash prize of 10,000 dollars.

      Actor and director Desiree Akhavan; Joshua Siegel, film curator of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA); actress Dounia Sichov; The Discovery Jury, composed of writer, director and producer Mark Peranson, and screenwriter and actor Mert Fırat, named Bi Gan, the Chinese director of “Kaili Blues”, and Ali Kemal Çınar, the director of “Veşartî/Hidden” from Turkey, as the “inspirational of the year”. chose the director. Çınar thus became the first Turkish director to win the Discovery Award.

“Blues Style”

      Dounia Sichov and Mert Fırat, who read the reason for the award on behalf of the jury; “The award was split between two films that use the past to understand the present and predict the unknown future. Both are brave stories that tell poetry and tradition, as well as the uncertainty of identity and time, from a different perspective. We don’t remember seeing similar ones before in Chinese and Turkish cinema,” he said.

SİYAD’s choice also favors Çınar!

The selection of the Cinema Writers Association (SİYAD) jury, consisting of Gözde Onaran, Münir Emre Göker and Vecdi Sayar, was chosen by Ali Kemal Çınar, the director of “Veşartî/Hidden”, on the grounds that “it brings a new breath to our cinema by handling the theme of change through sexual identities with a humorous approach”. It’s been since. The most creative intervention of the year, “Lost and Beauty”, won the Love & Another World Award worth 10 thousand dollars, which !f Istanbul started two years ago and where activist films competed, in the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Georgia, Iran, Switzerland. A total of 8 films from Canada, Egypt and Turkey competed.

      The jury, consisting of director Adam Curtis, contemporary artist, art critic and writer Şener Özmen, and producer Philippa Kowarsky, voted “the most creative intervention of the year”; He chose Italian-born director Pietro Marcello’s film “Lost And Beautiful,” which blends fiction, magical realism, poetry and documentary. Reading the reasoning on behalf of the jury, Adam Curtis and Şener Özmen said: “This film by Pietro Marcello is an extremely beautiful and romantic work of art. But it’s also a powerful political film that gives you a fresh look at how people exercise power over each other and the rest of the world. An amazing achievement.”

Special Jury Award goes to “Bağlar”!

Also at the night, the film “Bağlar”, which participated in the competition from Turkey, was awarded the Special Jury Award. The jury’s statement for the film directed by Melis Birder and Berke Baş was as follows: “Although the documentary Bağlar deals with the basketball passion of Kurdish youth living in the Bağlar district of Diyarbakır, which has grown through forced migration, through the fighting spirit of their coach Gökhan Yıldırım, the film is actually sports in the region. -strongly shows the harsh and destructive side of slips of the tongue in the political spiral. In Diyarbakir, where everything is broken through politics, sports mean nothing. Death finds you on the back of a mule, or on the balcony of your house. The truth is disturbing in this movie.”

His short audience chose Azad

Yakup Tekintangaç

The winners of the Audience Awards given under the Shorts from Turkey section have also been announced. In the episode where 17 shorts were shown, “Azad”, directed by Yakup Tekintangaç and watched by 82 thousand people in three days in the special screening of !f Istanbul on the internet in December, was chosen as the best short, while Gülistan Acet’s short “Sin” came in second place, Süheyla Schwenk’s. in “Meral, My Girl” took the third place. As the guest of !f Istanbul, Tekintangaç won the right to be a guest in a festival abroad.

     At !f Istanbul, whose Istanbul leg will end today, 112 films from 40 countries were screened, and 80 thousand viewers followed the festival. The festival will depart for Ankara and Izmir on 3 March and will end on 6 March.

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