Besiktas Lost Profit

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Besiktas Lost Profit

Besiktas community described Fenerbahce defeat as a ‘work accident’. “The race would not have ended even if we had won.” Coach Senol Gunes gave a motivational speech to his players. The Black and White fans who welcomed the team at Ümraniye Facilities also instilled morale in the stars. The advantage of the postponement match to be played with Trabzonspor was reminded.

Besiktas’ morale was broken after a 2-0 Fenerbahce defeat; but self-confidence was not lost. The derby, in which the summit was lost to the opponent, was accepted as a ‘work accident’ in the community. At this point, attention was drawn to the advantage of the postponement match to be played away with Trabzonspor on March 15. It was reminded that the Yellow-Navy Blues (53) sitting on the seat were only two points behind. Coach Senol Gunes and the fans received great support from the players.

Güneş congratulated his students for their fighting identities and perseverance even though they fell behind right at the beginning of the match. In the locker room, he motivated his team with these words: “We played well, everything could have changed if we could turn our points into goals. I congratulate you all on your performance.” Underlining that they will take the leadership again, the experienced coach said, “We will be champions. The league continues. In any case, the race would not have ended even if we had won.” said. The enthusiasm experienced at Ümraniye Facilities the previous night was also at a high level. The fans, who lit torches and cheered intensely, wished the football players, who boosted their morale, success for the upcoming matches. Returning from Kadıköy empty-handed, Kartal’s eyes are now on the Turkish Cup. Black and Whites, in the rematch of the fight they lost 2-1 at the Olympic Stadium, Konyaspor’s guest on Thursday evening. Even in a one-goal win, the door to the semi-finals will open. Senol Gunes, who plans to go on the field with the offensive squad, asked his players to concentrate only on this appointment. Yesterday’s training took about 1.5 hours.

Surprise press conference from Orman

Besiktas , who decided not to talk about the referees , reacted to the management of Cüneyt Çakır in the Fenerbahce derby. President Fikret Orman, who did not want to focus on the field when Çakır was accused of peddling , is on the verge of a change of decision. The number one name of Black and White people will appear in front of the press in the office at Vodafone Arena, at 11:00 today. The content of the meeting is curious. It was learned that Orman is considering responding to perception-forming circles and Fenerbahce statements. Another prediction is that the opening date of the new stadium will be announced. In addition, Orman, who went to Ümraniye Facilities, received a championship promise from the players.

The profanity tension between the Eagle and the Canary

Beşiktaş Club issued a statement due to the cheers of Fenerbahce fans against the honorary president, the late Süleyman Seba, in the derby. “The curses against Seba, which has cost Turkish football and turned into a common value for everyone, injured all sports fans.” it was said. It was emphasized that Fenerbahce management is expected to apologize to Besiktas in the spiritual person of Seba. The response of the Yellow-Navy Blue people was not delayed: “We consider the statement as a futile effort to make their community forget the defeat. All sports fans know the ugly slogans of Besiktas tribunes against our president at every match.”

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