Best Of Berlin At Istanbul Film Festival

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Best Of Berlin At Istanbul Film Festival

The Istanbul Film Festival, which will be held for the 35th time this year, included the award-winning films of the 65th Berlin Film Festival, which ended last week.

Istanbul Film Festival

 Fun Pam Mare, who won the Golden Bear award, Death in Sarajevo, who won the Grand Jury Prize, L’avenir, who won the Best Director, Inhebbek Hedi, who won the Best Debut Film, A Lullaby, who won the Alfred Bauer Prize, at the festival to be held between April 7-17. to the Sorrowful Mystery and BerlinFive more films that won the appreciation of both the critics and the audience will make their Turkey premieres at the Istanbul Film Festival. Embracing the Golden Bear, Fun Pam Mare / Fire at Sea looks at the refugee issue, which Europe constantly tries to ignore, with an emotional perspective on life on Italy’s Lampedusa Island. Director Gianfranco Rosi lived for months on the island of Lampedusa to shoot this documentary, where hundreds of thousands of refugees, especially from Africa and the Middle East, took the first step to reach Europe. The film also opens a door for us to question the way today’s cinema deals with political issues.

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