Mustafa Denizli left, Cim Bom is entrusted to Orhan Atik

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Mustafa Denizli left, Cim Bom is entrusted to Orhan Atik

Mustafa Denizli’s term at Galatasaray officially ended. The resignation of the experienced teacher, who met with President Dursun Özbek yesterday, was accepted. Considering the penalties that may come from UEFA, the management brought Orhan Atik, one of the infrastructure coaches, to the head of the team temporarily. The 49-year-old coach will start the Turkish Cup match with Akhisar today.

President Dursun Özbek , who entered an uncertain path after the defeat of Gaziantepspor, when Technical Director Mustafa Denizli gave the signal to leave , met with the experienced teacher yesterday.

The president of the Yellow-Red People, who could not meet with Denizli the previous day due to his busy agenda, accepted the resignation of the 66-year-old coach. After the meeting, Özbek took a breath in Florya and visited the football players at Metin Oktay Facilities together with Mehmet Özbek, a board member of Sportif AŞ. The duo then went to TT Arena for the weekly meeting and Sportif AŞ meeting. At the first summit, the agenda was Denizli. Candidates to replace the experienced name were discussed.

The Yellow-Red management temporarily decided on Orhan Atik , one of the infrastructure coaches . In the statement made on the official site, “Orhan Atik will lead the team in the Super League and Turkish Cup fight in the upcoming period.” it was said. After Mustafa Denizli left Galatasaray, Football Director Cenk Ergün and Scout team moved back to Florya from TT Arena.

Özbek: Denizli will get paid as long as it works

Dursun Özbek made assertive statements after the critical meeting. Noting that he respected the teacher’s decision, the experienced manager stated that Denizli would be paid as much as the period he worked. He stated that they want to establish the system that will bring the highest benefit to Galatasaray. “Our aim is not just to solve today’s problems. To solve the future too.” said.

Expressing that he does not think about resigning, Özbek said that there is no conclusion about the UEFA Financial Fair Play audit yet. Fenerbahce Technical Director Vitor Pereira’s “Galatasaray is finished” sentences, “I will not be in polemic.” gave the answer.

Meanwhile, after the unsuccessful results, the first serious warning came to the players. Stating that the problems between the players were reflected to the team, the management gave the following message: “In this transition period, everyone wearing the Galatasaray jersey should do their part with a greater sense of responsibility than yesterday, it is not a sacrifice, it is the most basic requirement of business ethics, which is a natural part of professionalism.”

Galatasaray is looking for morale in the cup

With only the Turkish Cup in hand, Galatasaray will host Akhisar Belediyespor in the quarter-final rematch. Kutluhan Bilgiç will blow the whistle in the fight that will start at 18.15. Yellow-Reds defeated their opponent 2-1 in the first match. Orhan Atik, the new teacher of Cim Bom, will start with this competition. Aurelien Chedjou and Lionel Carol, who were injured in the Gaziantepspor appointment, will not be put at risk.

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