Vitor Pereira Calls Out To His Players: You Are Now My Team

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Vitor Pereira Calls Out To His Players: You Are Now My Team

Fenerbahçe’s coach, Vitor Pereira, praised his students at the end of the match. Celebrating the team one by one in the dressing room, Pereira used the expressions “You are like the team in my head now” after the fight against Beşiktaş. The Portuguese underlined that they will be champions at the end of the season.

Fenerbahce Technical Director Vitor Pereira , whose squad preferences have been criticized since the beginning of the season , collects praise for the football he has played for the last 3 matches. Canary dominated the game, especially in the Lokomotiv Moscow test in Istanbul, as well as in the Beşiktaş appointment played the previous day. After the 2-0 derby win, the Portuguese coach went to the locker room and congratulated the players one by one and praised the team.

In his speech, “I am proud.” Pereira started with his words, “I feel so much that this is my team now. You gave your life to win on the field. We won an important win, and we will be champions at the end of the season.” used the phrases. “Before the game you said, ‘We have to give everything on the pitch to be able to look each other in the face after the final whistle.’ I said. I am happy we did this.” he ended his speech.

Confession from Volkan Demirel

Fenerbahce’s successful goalkeeper Volkan Demirel stated that with the Beşiktaş derby, they overcame their weaknesses as a team and they became a complete team. The experienced net keeper, who made statements after the match, said, “We showed what we can do with the football we played in the first half against Beşiktaş and what kind of a team we are. We are a quality team, but we had some weaknesses on the way to being a team until the Beşiktaş derby. The derby win made up for these weaknesses. There was a team spirit in the dressing room, a really nice togetherness.” used the phrases.

Volkan stated that it takes time for the newcomers to understand Fenerbahce and said, “Our new friends who joined us started to understand and adopt what this community is like. From now on, I believe that we will continue on our way with firm steps in line with our goals.” he concluded his speech.

We took a big step by winning

Fenerbahce’s star name Robin van Persie made a statement after the Beşiktaş derby, which ended with a 2-0 win. Underlining that he wanted to give his all for the Yellow-Navy Blue team, the Dutch talent described the fans as “incredible”.

Even though he could not score a goal in the Beşiktaş match, the headlines of Van Persie’s statements, which garnered applause with his game, are as follows: “Beşiktaş derby was a ‘vital match’ for us. If we lost this match, we had a chance to be 7 points behind. Even winning this match is not enough for the championship. But Black-Whites will go to Trabzon away. We took a big step tonight (yesterday) and deserved to win.” used the phrases.

Underlining that he could find one clear goal position (passing to Josef in the first half) against Beşiktaş, Van Persie said, “I think I should have shot. Two defenders were coming towards me. I might have a chance. But it was always easy to talk afterwards.” said.

The biggest reason I come here is the fans.

Emphasizing that he and Volkan Şen had a good rapport on the field, the Dutchman said, “He scored his first league goal, I’m very happy for him. Everyone gave their best. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who scores, it matters who wins.” said.

Reminding him to stay on the field for 90 minutes for the last 2 games, the talented name said, “I am very happy with the way things are going now. Because I want to give my all for this team. The only thing I want to improve is to give confidence to my team, the fans and my coach by scoring goals and assists. In short, I am very happy.” he replied.

Van Persie, who stated that he sometimes served in the ‘number 10’ position on the field, said: “I played in this region until I was 18 years old. So I know how to behave. I may have to come back and set up a game. Playing striker is different. I can leave my fields to Volkan and Nani. They fill the places I vacated and pose a danger. But I always look for free space on the field.”

Finally, the world-famous striker, who praised the fans, said, “They are simply incredible. Definitely a different experience for me. They are one of the biggest reasons I come here. I love our fans so much.” he concluded his speech.

Nani was surprised that she was spared

Luis Nani, the Portuguese football player of Fenerbahçe, said he was surprised that he remained a substitute against Beşiktaş. Speaking after the match, the talented name said, “Substitution is always surprising to me, but I respect our coach’s decision. I feel like I did my best for the team’s success. It’s a really great feeling. Derby win will give us psychological strength. We must continue in the same way.” used the phrases.

We want to play the final in Europe

Fenerbahce’s Diego Ribas said that his performance was better this season compared to last year and that they played as a team. Speaking to club magazine, the Brazilian talent said of their Europa League rivals Braga and their goals, “It was a good match. If we put our feet on the ground firmly, we have the strength to pass the tour. We have to put everything on the field. Our goal is to play in the final and I think it’s possible.” used the phrases.

Volkan replaces Gökhan Gönül

Gökhan Gönül, who was injured in the second half of the Beşiktaş derby, was surprised when Volkan Şen turned to the side while waiting for the signal to leave the game. It was learned that Gökhan called out to his friend, “Can’t you be patient, I have pain,” in the images that were also reflected on the cameras. It was stated that Volkan, who scored the first goal of the team, gave the answer “I am not in the mood to take a step”, so he said that he left

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